Pocket Friend - Memo For Kids

Pocket Friend - Memo For Kids

Pocket Friend - Memo For Kids

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Pocket Friend - App for Kids and Toddlers

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Probably the best memory find the pairs matching cards game in the store! Kids will love it! See for yourself and download the free game now!

Please note: Because some of the memo cards are using OpenGL features on some Android devices it can happen the cards become invisible after a user has left the game and returned to it. You easily can "fix" this by restarting the level then! Thank you!

Do you need a friend to play with and no one has time for you?
With your new Pocket Friend you now have someone to play with wherever and whenever you want!

This is the first Pocket Friend app where you can play sixteen different memo pairs games against your virtual animal friend!
The 16 different memo pairs are showing animals, funny illustrations, letters, numbers, shapes, forms and colors and kids can learn counting and even learn about solving math operations while playing. This makes the game the perfect educational app for your kid!
The memo pairs count can be selected and you can choose the difficulty by setting the Artificial Intelligence for your animal friend. This makes it the perfect app for toddlers and older kids alike.
The game speed was customized to let kids memorize the pairs for best brain memory training results.

• Animal Opponent with powerful Artificial Intelligence
• 16 Different Memo Pairs Categories
• Cards Range from 6 to 18 Cards
• 4 Different Artificial Intelligence Settings
• Easy to use User Interface
• Kid Friendly Design
• Exclusively Content and Graphics created by McPeppergames
• Childproof Playing
• No Language needed
• Universal App for all Devices
• No Third Party Ads
• Educational Value

Please note this is the LITE version of Pocket Friends where only some of the content is playable and can be tested. Behind a parental gate you have the option to unlock the full version of the game with all memo pairs categories, all levels and the additional AI settings with one in-app purchase. If you don't want access to in-app purchases you can deactivate them in your device settings.

McPeppergames was founded in April 2013 by educator Daniela Mach and game industry veteran Chris Noeth. McPeppergames mission is to create high quality apps for kids.
“Our first priority here at McPeppergames is to develop high quality apps for children.
If the kids are happy with our games, then so are we.” - The McPeppergames Team

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